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Polyhouse Monitoring Solution

Polyhouse Monitoring Solution (POLYMAN)

Redefining farming with remote crop monitoring, maintenance and management

The need to safeguard crops and farmland is greater than ever before. Natural disasters like droughts and floods and unpredictable climatic conditions present a constant and serious threat, while pest control and crop maintenance require careful management.

The Bosch Polyhouse Monitoring Solution leverages digital technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML) and sensor technology to enable farm monitoring and maintenance within a polyhouse, anytime and anywhere.

From remote tracking of crops and pest threat predictions to smart alerts and expert assistance, we provide insights into plant health and expected yields across the polyhouse by using IoT enabled sensors. This helps increase the quality and consistency of crop yields, improve efficiencies as well as streamline farm operations.

Remote monitoring-1

Remote monitoring

Agronomist Assistance to ensure support for crop and plant health through remote communication and immediate action

Pre-emptive solutions

Pre-emptive Solutions

Machine learning algorithms to predict threats and control pest-related issues, ensuring fewer field visits and increased operational efficiency

Quality yield

Quality yield

Increase in export quality yield and drastic reduction in pest incidence reports

Pest Prediction

Pest Prediction

Our pest prediction solution enables growers to alleviate threats from imminent pest attacks. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, smart sensors can predict and detect pest breaches to ensure preemptive action before outbreaks occur. This helps increase crop quality, crop yields and optimizes irrigation processes through regular soil moisture analysis.

Farm Supervision

Farm Supervision

Our farm supervision solution allows remote monitoring of crops, anytime, anywhere. It enables tracking and monitoring of both above the soil (temperature, humidity and luminous intensity) and below the soil (moisture and temperature) factors through sensors and can be customized to create automatic alerts to enable preemptive action.

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