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Connected Farms And Sensor Solutions - Agrisense

Connected Farms And Sensor Solutions - Agrisense

Deriving actionable insights with new sensor technologies to support today’s farmers

The agriculture industry requires solutions that can keep pace with the unpredictability of present-day market forces. Ever-changing demands, rising costs and more complex supply chains require careful management and closer accountability. By leveraging new technologies, farmers must adapt to fluctuating conditions.

The Bosch AgriSense solution highlights the new face of farming. Using LORAWAN technology - a long-range, private mesh network of sensors - farmers can remotely access data to effectively monitor and manage their crops. Coupled with satellite technology that provides historical and real-time climatic data, our solutions leverage predictive analytics tools to generate actionable insights for the entire agriculture value chain.

As future technologies continue to impact industries, we ensure our solutions keep pace with market trends as we continue to ride the digital waves lapping the agriculture sector.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Ability to leverage historical and present-day data to provide crop predictions and actionable insights

Remote monitoring-1

Remote Monitoring

Crop data monitoring, anytime, anywhere, through mobile, web or app-based devices

Sensor-Based Mapping

Sensor-Based Mapping

Multiple, long-range, movable network of sensors to generate diverse data sets for effective crop analysis



Using AgriSense, agri-players can monitor their field condition data remotely from their devices. Data such as soil moisture, temperature, leaf wetness, ambient humidity, etc., can be collected through sensors and wireless technology. This enables better crop management through predictive analytics to build crop-specific models, as well as end-to-end visibility and accessibility of farm data.

Case Studies

Wireless Network Sensor Solution

Wireless Network Sensor Solution – Research Farm, Hyderabad

The project aimed to remotely monitor soil moisture at several positions simultaneously in a corn farm to help quantify the effect of drought on certain crops. Leveraging AgriSense, our standalone solar-powered device using LORAWAN technology, a network of sensors was created. The multiple sensors, which could be moved, were able to transmit different points of real-time data to the cloud and were analyzed to generate critical insights using data visualization tools.

Smart Water Solutions

Smart Water Solutions in Agriculture: Integration of Sensors, Satellite & ICT Tools - Chamrajanagar District, Karnataka

The project provided irrigation recommendations to farmers by deriving soil moisture levels within the entire district. It used a combination of LORAWAN technology powered by on-ground sensors as well as microwave satellite remote sensing technology. Information such as weather forecasts, crop models and crop growth data were integrated into a big data-based IoT platform. The data was analyzed and recommendations about optimal water management and higher crop productivity levels were generated

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