User Experience

User Experience

Exceeding user’s expectations with user-centered innovation

User Experience is essentially about generating differentiating products, systems, services and solutions with an “outstanding user perceived quality” leading to enthusiastic users and desirability. UX is doing both, creating disruptive innovations and improving mainstream offerings by iterative consideration of the dimensions;

  • Usability and desirability (What makes sense to people and for people?),
  • Feasibility (What is technologically possible within the foreseeable future?), and
  • Viability (What is likely to become part of a sustainable business model?)

For over a century, Bosch has meticulously understood that every innovation and every product is successful only if it consistently appeals “value” to the user. Bosch believes that even the very best technology is pointless if users don't understand it—precisely why Bosch’s User Experience team focuses on the human factor. Today, Bosch’s Management team has identified a sharpened focus on user-centricity as a key strategic imperative to drive Bosch’s leadership position. Bosch’s User Experience team is a recent entity that is focused exclusively on innovation and design services. The UX team with 4 international locations has built a reputation for bringing in innovations and improvisations to products with its close association with the user community. Bosch believes that the vision of the future is an aggregation of the imaginations of the user-world and actively promotes an ideas-exchange process by interacting and collaborating with an existing and prospective user community. Bosch’s User Experience Team for instance is working on how the car of the future can be best tailored to a customer’s need.

Bosch’s User Experience team has perfected the art and science of creativity and integrating innovation into the solutions.While the user is at the centre of the product agenda, there are considerable changes that are effected to the behind-the-scenes factory-line, assembly-line and service-line experience. This is made possible by Bosch’s deep domain capabilities across key industries including consumer goods, electronic goods, industrial automation and automotive engineering. Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited’s “Practitioner Approach” also means that we deliver to customers the experience of working on cutting-edge products in the Bosch product portfolio. Bosch also brings to bear the combined capability of high-skilled multi-disciplinary teams that include researchers, industrial designers, interaction designers, visual designers, prototypers, video and animation experts who translate key capabilities for competitive differentiation