Organized retail has huge potential because of the vast size of the market and the growing consciousness of the consumer about product quality and services. But this growth is highly dependent on the ability of retailers in the organized sector to reinvent and stay abreast of the changing times and technological innovations.

We understand the need and hence are bringing to the retail world, an array of solutions aimed at the store, asset and consumer levels with an intention to

  • Enhance the user experience
  • Increase asset productivity, uptime and efficiency thereby ensuring high ROI
  • Build the next generation of smart retail stores

Explore Bosch solutions that are revolutionizing the retail business


COSMOS (Cold storage monitoring system)

Fruits and vegetables grown gets wasted due to lack of storage infrastructure and archaic storing methods to stock the produced capacity.

COSMOS brings technology interplay to address this ecosystem. The solution uses wired and wireless sensor modules to acquire sensor values. The real time health status of the entire cold storage is visible on the display monitor for the store supervisor and is also accessible in mobile devices using a web portal or mobile applications. The system detects risky scenarios and provides early warning notifications or alarms in case of a critical condition.



IERO offers in-store solutions that aim to enhance the user experience and deliver personalized services to the consumers by understanding their individual preferences & habits. IERO solution enhances the entire retail structure, bringing delight to Consumer, Store Manager and Retail Chain


Intelligent Energy Management

A Non-intrusive Load Monitoring Solution that measures energy consumption of devices individually and tracks the load on these devices, thus offering insights into managing an outlet’s energy demands.



DELVIA offers insights into consumer behavior by analyzing their movements inside a retail space using live video feeds from existing security cameras.



Introduce maximum transparency to Elevator Maintenance operations by introducing the Bosch Smart Elevator Asset Management – UP as a retrofit into any elevator in a matter of hours. Get real time updates on elevator operations, power fluctuations, power quality, elevator mileage and many more usage parameters. Integrated analytics throw valuable insights into usage patterns, early warning signs of failures and predictions for maintenance interventions


Making the most of the time of your consumers

Enhance consumer experience

Deliver an experience that is personalized to the needs of every individual consumer

Manage energy utilization

Ensures energy is available for the relevant devices at the right time by building a clear understanding of store’s actual operating conditions

Gain insight into consumer footfalls

By tracking consumer behavior, understand how you can manage your store



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