Business on the Go

Today’s technology solutions have mobility as an essential element in their configuration. Mobility not only increases use and pervasiveness, but also creates a dynamic fast-changing technology landscape built on connectivity and convergence. Mobility creates a multi-directional movement of information in today’s world that not only triggers newer models of interaction, but also newer models of business.

Uniquely positioned at the intersection on core engineering and application development, for Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited Mobility is critical in our vision of the future of the industries that we specialise in. Our deep experience in working on the latest mobile applications as they evolve combined with our inherent domain expertise in automotive and industrial machinery and component manufacturing, poises us to be specialists in developing engineering applications that are innovative and directly address user pain points.

Our mobile apps are business value adding and have a direct bearing on the business revenue growth as well as customer satisfaction. For example, our Track-Your-Material (TYM) app impacts the on-time delivery of shipments to customers; and helps track your materials with a subcontractor thereby positively impacting production scheduling.

Bosch’s capability not only addresses the end-to-end asks of enterprise partners, but also interventional mobility models to accelerate the mobility agenda. From developing built-in or stand-alone engineering applications to an integrated mobility-ERP applications for users on the move to leveraging our unique “User Experience” capability to transform the mobility agenda, Bosch’s mobility solutions are flexible to pitch-into any phase of a partners mobility strategy. Across the breadth of development, proto-typing, testing, hosting, servicing and infrastructure setup-build-and-deploy service, Bosch brings in a unique 360 degree capability that focuses on leveraging mobile device capabilities fully to bridge the engineering and enterprise worlds.

As recognized pioneers in building applications on SAP our SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Lab) partner model, we are not only adept at finding solutions for complex mobility challenges but also at creating innovative new industry-first models built on SAP.