Micro-Climate Monitoring System


How breathable is the air in your neighborhood?

WHO Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution data 2016 highlights that 98% of densely populated cities in economically under-developed countries showcase highest urban ambient air pollution levels. A comprehensive air quality monitoring system helps measure and evaluate the concentration levels of air pollutants in a specific region. Both governments and industries can leverage data metrics collected from the system to devise stringent air pollution control measures. Paradoxically, traditional micro-climate monitoring systems require large infrastructure, huge investments and complex operations. It is evident that a cost-effective and sustainable monitoring system is essential to efficiently measure and maintain optimal air quality, especially in economically under-developed countries.

Bosch Micro-Climate Monitoring System (MCMS) is easy to deploy, technologically advanced and incurs zero added infrastructure investment. It connects compact wireless sensors over Wi-Fi and GSM networks enabling micro-climatic data collection. MCMS is powered with the state-of-the-art IoT-friendly Intel Quark processor enabled with a “pattern matching” technology; facilitating energy-efficiency, scalability and sustainability for real-world applications.






Focus Areas

Mode of offerings


Customize an all-inclusive Micro-Climate Monitoring System solution to meet your business needs incorporating the micro-climate data metrics to serve diverse purposes.


Benefit from sophisticated Micro-Climate Monitoring System hardware and software technology; leveraging advanced data analytics and storage in addition to air quality monitoring and micro-climate data collection.


Why Bosch?

  • Agile, Smart and Connected ‘Over the Cloud’ Infrastructure on par with global standards
  • Versatility in wide-ranging real-world applications for government and industry sectors
  • Organizational Strength aligned with cross-industry innovation for excellence



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