Intelligence of Things

These ‘things’ are not smart gadgets, but just ‘all things’ you can imagine

The dramatic proliferation of systems and devices with enablers for web connectivity has transformed today’s world into a network that is built on these devices. If the Internet of the past was the network of computers, the Internet of the future is the network of devices. As devices become more intelligent, they automatically become more interactive. Each of these devices send and receive data that together create a whole new web of data and actions. In 2015, there will be as many devices that will connect to each other as there are humans on the planet. Each of these devices will create another multiplier network of devices that support and extend their capability transforming the “Internet of Things” into an enormous network of unprecedented scale and capability.

Bosch’s product portfolio has by design focused on smarter devices that will take the lead on maneuvering the future. Our world that includes injection systems, sensors, semiconductors, refrigerators, washing machines and hammer drills is at an ever-evolving level of device intelligence. Poised more than ever to ride the wave, Bosch has deliberate strategies that focus on capitalizing on this huge potential of connected devices and things!.

Today Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited offers this coveted home-grown capability to enterprises that want to capitalize on the opportunity of a (“deviced world”). Offerings span four key dimensions:

1) Business Innovation

Bosch sees itself not only as a service provider that can offer technical solutions in this new environment, but also as a development consultant for new business models. This capability comes from our own deep expertise in redefining many of Bosch’s business models both new and disruptive.

2) Market

The “Internet of things” opens up an entirely new market segment that can be exploited to significant business advantage. Our deep industry expertise enables our partners with the capability to see ahead of the curve and capitalize on these opportunities. Our road-mapping strategy ensures that enterprises not only tap into newer frontiers of market potential, but fully exploit existing potential.

3) Competencies

Software and systems expertise, paired with industry knowledge and creativity, are core capabilities for the development of innovative solutions and business models. Deploying collaborative models like co-innovation and co-development, the team at Bosch tailors solutions that accentuate partner capabilities.

4) Technology

Internet technology both supports and drives this development. Embracing an open-source approach accelerates development and creates open standards and communities. It is this flexible, agile and scalable model that we infuse into our partner platforms.