Augmented Reality


Organizations are finding ways to incorporate the plethora of technologies available today to improve productivity. Technologies today can drastically enhance user experience, offering insights that were unimaginable a few years back.

Bosch understands the potential new technologies bring to the automotive space and constantly strive to incorporate them to empower the users. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions developed by us intends to empower you to

a. Offer better training

b. Improve maintenance efficiency and productivity

c. Deliver an immersive experience

Explore Bosch solutions that deliver an immersive experience

AR powered training tool

Our solutions promote experiential learning by simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand

  • AR apps are available on Smart devices for engineers to explore, interact and learn in a gamified mode
  • No expert presence is required leading to reduced training cost
  • 24/7 available thus ensuring no disruption to the daily tasks
  • Consistent training content delivered to the all teams
  • Less cognitive load and learning time reduced by 3 times

Immersive VR powered hands on learning

Our solutions help the technicians to have a hands-on training experience similar to real life. The technicians are trained in a simulated, immersive work environment without stopping the high volume production lines.

  • Hands on experience
  • No disruption to the production line
  • No need to tamper expensive machinery
  • Reduced dependency on experts

AR powered service solutions

During service and maintenance, technicians spend time in referring to vast technical manuals and also wasting fellow technician’s time in discussions and problem solving. Our AR solution helps technicians to improve service and maintain complex industrial equipment.

  • AR service apps can be efficiently developed using your existing product assets (3D CAD)
  • Reduces maintenance cost and provides user manual for non-critical functions
  • These Apps function as a gateway to monitor your product field performance

Engineering Design Solutions

Our solution enables workers to assess design ideas virtually. It assists greatly in identifying the early design defects and thereby helps in cost savings. It also reduces huge prototyping costs.

  • Offers immersive experience to interact with a future product/concept car with just available 3D CAD content
  • Saves huge prototyping costs and helps extensively in validating User Experience, Design Reviews across geographies with just engineering 3D digital content as input

Why Bosch AR/VR solutions

Strong technical expertise

Expert technical team with experience in delivering AR/VR solutions to various automotive giants

Multiple platforms

Our solutions can be seamlessly deployed onto multiple platforms

Quick deployment

We have a huge library of reusable components to build solutions for quick deployment