Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Experience a new reality

As the latest frontier for technology, Augmented Reality is gaining significance by its inherent potential ranging from enhancing user experience to improving productivity. Merging computer generated contextual information in real world , Augmented Reality presents an experiential view of the future of every technology, much ahead of comprehensive prototyping.

At Bosch, Augmented Reality is the future of every customer experience and there have been significant investments made to introduce the technology into industries spanning Automotive, Medical, Production, Entertainment, Education, Marketing and Robotics. In industrial engineering, our solutions help technicians to improve productivity through effective training, service and maintain complex industrial equipment; in education our solutions promotes experiential learning by simplifying complex concepts and make them easy to understand for students; in Sales, Marketing and Service, the solution gives customers a unified platform providing from previewing a product to the basic service, an immersive experience of the product portfolio alongside comparisons, appropriateness for the customer and In Medicine, our Augmented Reality solutions can help physicians and students experience live interactive imaging;

Our solutions/ technologies are designed for smart devices (phone & wearable), a proliferating technology amongst all computing devices as the definitive platform to drive the Augmented Reality agenda.

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of our engineering and research capabilities, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited is today making available its capabilities to partners who want to enhance the delivered value to end customer using Augmented Reality within their portfolios. Bosch’s breadth of experience presents an opportunity for partners to quickly jumpstart an Augmented Reality agenda for their business without excessive investment in ideation and prototyping. Either as plug-and-play ready-to-deploy solutions or as customizable solutions, Bosch is committed to make Augmented Reality as reality for the partner community.