Arthya - Purchase Planning Solution


Scientific Solution to the Art of Buying

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Value Proposition

Flexibility to be able to evolve over process maturity.

Centralized planning and single face to the vendor.

Eliminates complexities in planning and controlling.

Analyze top 10 commodities

Analyze top 10 high value items

Analyze top 10 high value vendors

A complex process made simple to handle it efficiently.

Key challenges faced by buyers are reducing procurement price year on year, fixing the rate for external services and subcontracting items, procuring material from a turbulent market, identifying new commodity vendors and more, while keeping abreast with market volatility.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited have developed a comprehensive purchase planning, controlling and analytics solution to simplify the complex process of buying. When it comes to buyers , decision making is an acquired skill from analyzing various reports and KPIs. This solution has a layer of analytics built into it which makes it very easy to develop comprehensive, usable reports that give total cost visbility to a buyer.

Bosch’s technical experts have built this solution to assist the buyers:

a) To give report on the Material Value Variance, along with detailed cost breakup.

b) To plan the right assortment with the right quantity of components.

c) To analyse, plan and select the right vendor volume and material volume

d) Detailed report on vendor analysis and variance.

Solution Benefit

  • This solution can be implemented across diverse functions
  • Will not impact existing architecture, no process mapping or value stream mapping.
  • Easy to master the functionality
  • Works well with moving average/standard price
  • Different ways to derive requirement quantity
  • List all items where there is no vendor and assign a dummy vendor to it.