NILM Phantom

NILM Phantom

Energy management just got smarter. Phantom (Non-intrusive load monitoring) system measures energy consumption of devices individually and tracks the load on these devices at various periods. The perks associated with NILM are identifying potential faults, improving the operations and efficiency of the devices and thereby reducing the monthly costs.


Revolutionary energy management solution

Phantom is a unique process for analyzing changes in the current and voltage going into a setup and measuring the individual energy consumption and load of the devices being used. The derivations are based on consumed load, duration of usage, peak usage pattern, etc.


Futuristic energy solutions for different industries

Telecom towers today face energy demands and costs that fluctuate, making it difficult to manage a site’s operating budget. India has 4,25,000 telecom towers, 75% of which face approximately 8 hours of power cuts on an average. This has increased energy expenses drastically and made telecom tower operators the second largest diesel consumers in the country.

Quick Service Restaurants and Retail stores today face energy demands and costs that fluctuate, making it difficult to manage an outlet’s operating budget. There has been a multi-fold increase in energy usage in the QSR and Retail industries in the past few years. On the other hand your energy consumption due to refrigeration, lighting, cooling and other equipment is high.

The ATM operating environment is fairly complex and has to address multiple issues. These concerns range from power consumption, cash replenishment and settlement cycles to end-to-end observation and management of the ATM functionality. Thus the energy demands are high, making it difficult to manage a sites operating budget. On the other hand, ATMs are huge energy wasters because they’re typically powered on 24/7, but only used for about 8.4 minutes per hour.


  • Automatically collects, calculates and reports costs of energy consumed department wise, process wise, shifts wise or equipment wise
  • Determines the true impact of energy prices on all the production lines
  • Automatic alerts to take corrective action during adverse trends


  • Removes electricity budgeting guesswork. Helps in minimizing administrative costs and reduces data entry errors
  • Identifies devices that need servicing
  • Identifies genset run hours and fuel consumption

Your energy is precious. We ensure you make the most of it!

Optimizes energy bills at every outlet

Energy consumption is effectively managed across various outlets leading to lower energy costs

Monitors the actual operating hours

Ensures energy is available for the relevant devices at the right time by building a clear understanding of every device’s actual operating hours

Gain insight into customer footfalls

By tracking energy consumptions across various timelines, we can understand when customer footfalls are more and enhance their experience

Ensures total asset utilization

Optimizing the energy usage for various devices ensures the assets run in ideal conditions leading to complete asset utilization


Points out critical conditions before they worsen

Identifies wastage of energy and suggests reduction methodology



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