Energy saved today is great milestone for tomorrow

Energy saved today is great milestone for tomorrow

With a global population of around 9 billion by 2050, UN predicts the primary concern is to conserve resources needed to produce energy and utilizing the energy produced suitably. Of the total world energy produced, around 20 to 31% is efficiently utilized and around 61% to 80% is wasted.

Bosch’s energy solutions are aimed at reduction in this wastage of energy leading to increase in productivity and cost savings.

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Bosch’s Non-inclusive load monitoring platform is adept at analyzing the data received from various energy assets and identify potential faults as well as indicate opportunities for improving the operations and efficiency of these assets.

PHANTOM has a unique process for analyzing changes in electric current and in measuring individual energy consumption and providing information on customer demand clusters and servicing needs of devices. It is a versatile solution built with a robust and compact architecture.

In a smart environment, where technologies are working on making life easy for us, it is critical we use the same technologies in conserving energy by providing a solution that can monitor the usage of energy and make the utilization of it more productive.

For larger areas like factories, smart cities or smart campuses to achieve good energy management, Bosch provides excellent energy analytics with an interactive dashboard where all the energy activities can be monitored with instant alerts and updates.


Why Bosch energy solutions

High transparency

The data is delivered real-time ensuring you have all the necessary information on your energy consumption

Easy data access

Bosch offers access to your data on multiple devices, and delivers to you at any time and at any place

Effective Energy Management

Accurate insights into your energy consumption will assist you in taking relevant informed decisions



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