Warranty Management Solution

Warranty Management Solution

One stop solution for warranty analysis

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Value Proposition

Analyze claims based on Vehicle Production Year, Warranty Period, Part details, OEM Part details and Customer / Dealer Comments

Plan for a counter measure to reduce the claims

Scalable solution for more than 1000 users

Warranty data available in one location accessible anytime

Quick and accurate reporting for analysis

Multiple charting options for better and quick understanding

Analysis of warranty claims is a challenge for manufacturers where format and the warranty claim related data varies from one manufacturer to the other and also from one region to other. Manufacturers also have to spend lot of time in manual data consolidation. Therefore most organizations look for a one-stop warranty analysis for multiple customers which could maintain large number of warranty data for different customers for analysis.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited has developed a Global Warranty Analyzer solution which is a web-based solution built on Microsoft Business Intelligence. The solution has an easy-to-use user interface and is scalable with a simple configuration. The solution provides standardized reports across customers and also facilitates fast visualization of OEM and warranty claim data.

The Global Warranty Management solution has been built by domain experts with functional and technical teams for BI, MS .NET, SQL Server; and leverages rich features from MS BI; MS SQL Server 2008; MS .NET, Windows Server 2008


  • Web based solution for ease of access
  • Windows login based authentication and role based access
  • Microsoft BI solution for data analysis
  • Data interface supported by multiple file formats


  • One click quick reporting
  • Multiple filter options
  • Multiple chart types
  • Master data management
  • Import huge data via multiple file formats
  • Web based solution supporting multiple browsers
  • Role based access to different features
  • Integration with older system
  • Extension to new customers with few clicks