iNVH APP (Innovative App for Noise and Vibration Measurement)



To understand most NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) related problems, one requires a subjective assessment of the issue, followed by extensive testing in the field with equipments such as data acquisition systems, microphones (for measuring noise), and accelerometers (for measuring vibrations).

A preliminary testing in the field can greatly aid the subjective assessment in order to plan the testing in a better way. This calls for equipment which is less expensive, yet reliable, with reasonable accuracy and also handy at the same time, and that led to the creation of this app.


App background

The app uses in-built microphone and accelerometer in smart phones to measure noise and vibration. iNVH runs pre-calibrated data for different mobiles and also a manual calibration function in order to improve the accuracy of the data. In comparison to the single value calibration available in the market, the iNVH app uses an octave band based tool. This allows the user to perform sensitivity correction in every frequency band. The app by default contains noise calibration values for the following smart phones - Galaxy S Duos, Nexus S, Google Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Moto G, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, LG Optimus 7, Galaxy S2, HTC Butterfly, and Xperia L. iNVH app allows users to record data – both raw and processed, which can be saved and then sent to engineers at Bosch for further support or feedback. The size of data stored is dependent on the memory available in the smart phone.

The customizable (paid) version will also be available shortly for both Android and iOS users which will have a provision of connecting external class I microphones and accelerometers to measure noise and vibration with better accuracy.

iNVH is an I4.0 enabler in terms of:

  • Unique application developed to enable field engineers in connecting the gap between a NVH lab and field
  • The app leverages the benefits of smart phones for performing NVH data acquisition and analysis on the field
  • Easy connectivity to engineers for further assessments

Key Features of iNVH app


iNVH app is a smart tool for field engineers, product development teams, students, amateurs who want simple acoustic measurements. The app’s noise measurement features can detect environmental noise pollution levels that are helpful for city dwellers to check sound levels in their neighborhood. The free-version of the app is already available for download with limited functionalities in this link.