Hardware Simulation & Measurement

IRIS- Integrated RBEI vehicle Simulator

Innovative Testing Environment to Innovate Automobiles

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Value Proposition

Cost effective test system

Easy to maintain

Short lead-time for delivery and service/maintenance

Easily customizable and convenient field service

An efficient vehicle simulator is the backbone of any company operating in the automotive vertical. With its unmatched experience in the automobile industry, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited creates products and solutions that are tailor-made for this domain. IRIS (Integrated Vehicle Simulator), offers an innovative test environment to simulate vehicle and engine conditions in the laboratory.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited being the largest unit for software development and support for Bosch, has developed an in-house test system to validate Electronic Control Unit (ECU) hardware and software, which is cost effective and easy to maintain.



  • Used for hardware/software validation of ECU in development phase
  • Compatible for 12V and 24V DC supply
  • Internal /External supply voltage concept allowing Low voltage tests for the ECU
  • Internal system operates with 110V / 60Hz or 220V /50Hz (Auto selectable) AC Mains
  • Reverse battery protection for External Ubat supply
  • Simulates Lamp loads, Switch inputs/outputs, Sensor outputs, PWM generator, PWM output loads, Vehicle speed, Lambda sensors, Cruise control and Relay loads..etc
  • Programmable Engine speed module with User interactive GUI for creating/editing patterns and downloading To the module using RS232 serial interface
  • Accessories: Breakout boxes, MV load box, PZ load box, Wiring Harness, GDI load box, Engine speed ramp generator…etc
  • Variants: IRIS-1.4, IRIS-GS and IRIS-GX (under development)