Embedded IDE


Enabling software development for the embedded world

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Value Proposition

An IDE from the embedded practitioners’

Increased productivity through standardized development environment

Pay for what you use - Value for money and effective usage of necessary features

The industry is in need of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is independent of silicon/Linux distribution, easily extensible with off-the-shelf plug-ins and yet helps you be tight-fisted - Embide offers you that convenience.

Embide is a composite solution for Developing, Debugging, Logging, Flashing and Emulating the System & Application Software in RTOSs and Embedded Linux. The tools work in tandem making the overall software development experience simple, yet highly efficient. The rich UX eases the complexity associated with embedded development.


Embide tool comes from practitioners, who know what it takes to develop software for the embedded world. With extensive experience working with different Automotive OEMs in and outside the embedded domain, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited helps in delivering extra value throughout your project with rich domain expertise.

We also offer production quality Board Support Package (BSP) for custom designed hardware. With extensive experience working with different Automotive OEMs, we have the capabilities to develop/adapt BSPs to custom specifications. We work with each customer to understand their project needs, and, find ways to deliver extra value throughout the project with our rich domain experience. Count on the experienced team to offer professional solutions for your growing needs.


  • Scalable architecture - An IDE independent of silicon distribution vendor. One tool that can work across processor families & across generations of processors
  • Composite Solution - Code, Build, Flash, Debug, Log and monitor through a single tool
  • Scripting interface - Complete control of the target via scripting. Automate testing using Python – a general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language.
  • End-user extensions - Plug in off-the-shelf packages to extend the capability of the tool.
  • Connect to multiple boards simultaneously - Embide's rich UX eases the challenges of user space debugging by providing a single window interfacing to multiple projects on different processors
  • Seamless blend - Experience freedom by choosing your own tool chain, SCM systems, JTAG interfaces... Embide blends into your existing environment effortlessly.