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Value propositions

Cost effective solution since it is open source tool

Support for tool customization based on the organization needs to enable cost savings

Easy interfacing to any required controller, in a seamless way - helps in extending the support to newer requirements



BUSMASTER is a collaborative Open Source project between Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited and ETAS.

Vehicle bus is becoming ever more complex and shows only an increasing trend. Typically a car contains anywhere between 40 – 80 Electronic Control Units (ECU) today. Given this situation, a tool like BUSMASTER would help both – organizations developing Software as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to develop and diagnose this network.

BUSMASTER is one of the products completely conceptualized, designed and developed by Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited. It falls under the genre of engineering tools which monitors, analyses and simulates one or multiple nodes in an automotive bus. Such a tool very well serves the purpose of a development, analyzing and debugging suite for vehicle bus based systems thereby making ECU developers, system engineers and testers as the primary users of it.

The BUSMASTER project has been configured in such a way that this application suite can also be developed and managed with free software tools. Third-party software developers can easily add new functions to the software. The BUSMASTER license also permits the provision of proprietary add-ons, which can be dynamically linked to the open source core. The openness of the project managed by the sponsors provides for flexible modification and extensions regarding bus systems, protocols, and hardware interfaces. In addition, it will facilitate short cycles in the solution's onward development.


  • Open source tool to Monitor, Analyze and Simulate data bus systems
  • Support to CAN, J1939, LIN and FlexRay protocols
  • Seamless implementation and continuous support
  • ISO26262 safety standard compliant