ASAM Solutions

ASAM Solutions

Driving the automotive industry with data

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Value Proposition

Ease of data exchange between OEMs and suppliers

Extendable to cloud infrastructure for sharing data with service centers

Bosch experience in the automotive vertical

Improvement in productivity and efficiency and the level of automation in the process

Cost reduction in diagnosing, data verification and data generation as data must be verified only once

The modern day automotive industry relies on data generated from various sources to read the customer’s pulse. But generating and processing such a mammoth volume of data coming from different tools of a development process can be a daunting task, especially when there are no standards to follow.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited helps the automotive domain with cutting edge data solutions that are based on standards defined by ASAM. ASAM standards are the quintessential data standards in the automotive industry vertical as numerous automotive suppliers, OEMs and the Tier-1 manufacturers are in a race to affiliate themselves with these standards at all levels in the industry.

With more than a century of experience in the automotive domain, Bosch is at the helm of affairs when it offers automotive solutions. The solutions provided by Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited helps automotive companies to aggregate, validate and diagnose data generated from various sources in a standardized format. This helps companies to mine data scientifically and leverage its benefits.

Bosch has seasoned professionals who work with the client to deliver customized ASAM based solutions. We also have the expertise and insights to study the unique requirements of the automotive industry and deliver products that truly cater to the customer’s evolving needs.


  • DiagStudio – Interactive and intelligent ODX management studio
  • BiDS – Web-based, robust, diagnostic infrastructure
  • Test Planner – Test data management

About ASAM:

ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) is an incorporated association under German law. Our members are primarily international car manufacturers, suppliers and engineering service providers from the automotive industry.

ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards, which are developed by working groups composed of experts from our member companies. We pursue the vision that the tools of a development process chain can be freely interconnected and allow a seamless exchange of data. Our standards define protocols, data models, file formats and application programming interfaces (APIs) for the use in the development and testing of automotive electronic control units. A large amount of popular tools in the areas of simulation, measurement, calibration and test automation are compliant to ASAM standards. Compliance guarantees interoperability of tools from different vendors, allow data exchange without the need for converters, and facilitate the exchange of unambiguous specification between customers and suppliers.