Smart Agriculture

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Value Proposition

Rich experience in providing innovative and game-changing agriculture solutions across the world

Helps organizations invest their resources (Time, Capacity & Money) in right areas to build farmer confidence in their products thereby safeguarding their business

Products easily sit over existing infrastructure and provide value addition

End to end product development & delivery capability

Increases yield & productivity

Provides farmers with economic and financial benefits

The population of the globe is projected to be 9.6 billion people by 2050. The world is struggling to keep up as crop yields have already levelled off in many parts of the world. Soil, water and other natural resources are stretched to their maximum capacity. 1 in 8 people suffer from chronic hunger and more than 1 million are undernourished. Figuring out how to feed the growing population – while also having advancements in rural development, protecting the natural resources and reducing the gas emissions – is one of the greatest challenge that the world faces.

Governments, Corporations and even farmers need technology experts to use innovation and develop products that are cost effective and increase food production under already stressed eco-system.

With its enviable experience in the new product development domain, Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions delivers agriculture solutions to the agriculture industry (Agri-Input, Farm Mechanization, end-user farmers etc), enabling them to make optimal use of their available resources and further enhance productivity.

Bosch provides agriculture expertise in the areas of Precision Agriculture, Smart Irrigation, Remote Sensing Technology, Drone Applications, and Cold Storage Solution etc. all under the Internet of Things umbrella.