Smart Airport

Aerodynamics is a fascinating technology that has delighted many minds for eons. We understand this enthusiasm and bring to you our strong automotive expertise and intense R&D work to the aerospace domain to give you our wide range of services of new innovations that make flying a delight.

Our cutting-edge technologies


Test systems:

Robust and customized test systems for Aerospace industry is built on several years of experience as a CoC of test systems in the automotive domain.

Flight Simulators:

To satiate the increasing demand of flight simulators with future ready technologies we provide Full Flight Simulators (FFS) for fixed wing aircraft in tandem with our partners using motion technology from Bosch Rexroth.


Our connectivity solutions encompasses usage of data from the numerous sensors present in aerospace engineering to create a connected aircraft catering to the need of the next generation.

Graphic Test System (GTS):

The success of our GTS is now qualified for aerospace as well. Additional functions for aerospace such as Rolling digit and Overnight run with no manual intervention has been added, improving the verification and validation accuracy by 98% and cycle time by over 70%.



Real-time availability of project status/metrics across product lines

Automated workflow system

Integration of  in-house/legacy systems

Integration of in-house/legacy systems

Seamless data exchange across tools

Seamless data exchange across tools

Real-time availability of project status/metrics across product lines

Real-time availability of project status/metrics across product lines


Why Bosch ?

We provide:

  • Model based system and SW Engineering along the V-cycle
  • End to end solution from requirement to test
  • Accelerated Development due to automatic code generation
  • Elimination of almost all Manual errors
  • Tool chain compliant with Industry standards
  • ALM Solutions and services



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