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Harnessing the power of cutting edge innovation

We are on the cusp of witnessing the world transforming, using technologies like AI and Blockchain. At Bosch, we believe in harnessing the expertise of our engineers to build sustainable ecosystems for the future. Our solutions are making healthcare accessible and affordable; we take pride in empowering farmers to have smarter and more efficient farming practices and sky is no longer the limit for our aerospace customers.



Bosch Healthcare leverages its precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology, in Internet of Things (IoT), sensor technology and Social Mobility Analytics Cloud (SMAC) to promote innovation in a patient-centric healthcare delivery model.



Bosch provides technology solutions for agriculture in the areas of Remote Sensing Technology, Drone Applications, Precision Agriculture, Cold Chain Monitoring etc. all under the Internet of Things umbrella.



The organised retail sector needs to reinvent and stay abreast of the changing times and technological innovations. Bosch Retail Solutions brings to the retail world an array of solutions aimed at the store, asset and the consumer.



Aviation has a unique impact on mankind in making distances smaller and the world a more connected place. Bosch is securing the future of urban mobility by building products equipped with self-learning algorithms; offering solutions for Aerospace test systems and making airports smarter in operations.

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Data Analytics

Bosch Analytics Centre of Excellence (CoE) brings in thought leaders to converge industry perspective and data science expertise to offer unprecedented analytics solutions to operationalise insights into actionable business outcomes.

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