Bosch Smart Manufacturing Forum 2016

The 2nd edition of the Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2016 is happening on November 11th , 2016 in Mumbai.

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Event Highlights


Manufacturers, technology providers and expert professionals connected to collaborate on 20th & 21st July 2016 in Chennai and Ahmedabad respectively.

Bosch pioneered in Smart Manufacturing with a diverse portfolio of products and solutions for Industry 4.0. It steered ahead futuristic innovations in engineering and technology, especially in the manufacturing sector. With a practitioner’s approach, Bosch Smart Manufacturing Forum 2016 facilitated a platform for industry leaders and technology practitioners to meet, discuss and network on smart manufacturing in the Indian context.

At Bosch Smart Manufacturing Forum 2016, the attendees actively participated in a series of sessions on the different aspects of Industry 4.0.

Speaker Sessions: In Chennai, Mr. Dattatreya Gaur - Vice President of Engineering Services & Head of Industry 4.0 at Bosch India along with Dr. Daniel Hug - Head of the Vertical Manufacturing and Logistics at Bosch Software Innovations GmbH delivered keynote speeches on ‘People are at the center of Industry 4.0’ and ‘State-of-the-art Industry 4.0’ respectively. Mr. Dattatreya spoke about how Industry 4.0 can address the challenges of Indian manufacturing industry while Dr. Daniel Hug introduced new approaches towards Industry 4.0 implementation.

In Ahmedabad, Mr. Swaroop Balakrishnan - Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific at Bosch Software Innovations GmbH delivered keynote speech on ‘State-of-the-art Industry 4.0’, emphasizing on opportunities and applications of Bosch IoT Suite and the necessity of open ecosystems for cross-domain integration.

‘A discussion on Industry 4.0 investments & returns’ highlighted the scale of investments on smart manufacturing and the scope of return on investments for manufacturers. In Ahmedabad, the panelists included Mr. Ravi Ramarao- Chief Architect for Industry 4.0 – Bosch, Rakesh Kumar - Engineering Specialist, Ford Motors India, Mr. Bangert Hans, Managing Director-Bosch Rexroth, Mr. Vivek Ogra, Director-Technology and Innovation – VBSOFT India Limited. In Chennai, the panelists included Mr. Lokesh Payik - General Manager, Bosch India,Mr. Wilfried Aulbur - Managing Director Roland Berger,Mr.Nirmal Matharu - COO, Greeves Cotton and Mr. Sayed Abdul Hadi - Managing Director, RBDI.

Demos on Bosch Smart Manufacturing products and solutions were showcased at the event and included Smart Factory, Manufacturing Data Analytics, Smart Maintenance App, iNVH app and Bosch XDK.

The two-day forum witnessed 200 attendees who represented about 96 companies from various industries in India. It provided an opportunity for Indian companies to explore opportunities and global best practices in smart manufacturing that can dynamically transform the Indian manufacturing industry in the near future. Adding to it, the forum is a prelude to the much awaited Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2016 scheduled to be held on November, 2016.

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