eLearning & Animation

eLearning & Animation
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Value Proposition

WBT Factory: Industrialized WBT development to ensure Shorter Lead times & Enhanced Quality

In-house Domain Expertise: Leveraging expertise of 12,770+ associates to develop effective Learning solutions

Rich pedigree of automotive/engineering domain experts talking to customers in development process

BILD: Ready-to-use images; Bespoke images - Align to Domain & Customer Specs; IPR on images with customers

Localization Expertise: In-house language team supporting on – 18+ Global languages & 6 major Indian languages

Enterprise Learning: Established & proven WBT framework for Enterprise wide training - Engineering, Processes, Quality, Soft skills

In today’s world, ‘Transformation’ is the new norm and we witness it in our day-to-day lives, - from the way we interact on the internet, to the way we listen to music, to the way we receive & exchange information. Learning is no outlier to this Transformation wave; the learning medium is no longer limited to classrooms and of course, not restricted to paper-bound books.

From computer-based trainings, to web-based trainings and mobile-based learning, the world is continuously transforming anytime, anywhere learning.

When the competitive edge is defined by an individual or an employee's skills, then continuous learning becomes the new mantra in this knowledge-driven economy.


eLearning provides organizations with a platform to integrate continous learning as a culture within its employees. The implementation of a training strategy helps to ensure not only Associate competence and development but also provides quantifiable benefits such as:

  • min 26% savings on training costs
  • Improvement in learning retention utpo 29%
  • Reduced time spent in learning by 31%
  • Reduction in delivery time by 19% approximately and development time by 18% avg.

The key highlights for our eLearning services consists of:

  • We are one of the Largest in-house Learning solutions provider in the Automotive world
  • Driving the training needs for Bosch Automotive IT academy - 70,000+ users in 20 countries spanning 1,800+ transactional processes
  • Conceptualized and Deployed an e-qualification program for 30,000 technicians across 1,000 Bosch car service garages in China


  • End-to-End Learning Solutions
  • Custom Content Development
  • Content re-purposing & re-engineering
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • LMS and LCMS Assistance
  • Localization